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Black Sea Tourism Education Network BSTEN Black sea tourism education Russian

- Black Sea tourism education,BLACK SEA RESEARCH and Russian universities' travel statistics, Black sea envoriment issues and regional tourism cooperation opportunities - published by Russian universities in support of regional tourism education

- Russian universities and international schools present BLACK SEA CASES on best practices and projects of cooperation in enviroment and sustainable development programmes, involving education experts, the first cases being focused on Russian sea resort Sochi

- Black Sea tourism education network bridges Russian sea resort Sochi and Russian universities with other coasts, the first contribution to presenting the whole region as a BLACK SEA DESTINATION, a responsible approach in support of Black sea envoriment

- Black Sea TOURISM EDUCATION INFOTEC will grow - out of infotec of Russian universities and schools, starting with the chapter of Russian sea resort Sochi

- Black sea ENVIRONMENT of cross-cultural and hospitality traditions in Russia, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey

- Russian sea resort SOCHI students network in international web rings and sites of RUSSIAN universities

- Black sea tourism education network's official pages: BSTEN membership, Charter and news in English, the Russian language pages are published on of Russian sea resort Sochi.

Black Sea tourism education pages are designed by students of Sochi Business School and International University of Sochi. This is a kind of " learning by doing" experience of web design. Sections of BSTEN site: BSTEN documents and news; Sochi and Russian sea coast; Education infortec; Research; Projects; Hints and prompts on communication, business, Internet; Links and link exchange; Students' on-line club; e-cards; e-addresses; guest book. The site is updated quite often. We support interactivity: you know better what our site should be like. Your ideas, recommendations, cooperation and feedback are highly appreciated, and we check our guestbook for your message every day. Please visit BSTEN pages and write back to us to Russian sea resort Sochi.

Black Sea tourism education network site is linked to the BSEC pages, BSEP, BSTIN and other regional e- resources. There is yet a scope of unexplored cooperation opportunities for tourism education, professionals, local administrations, NGOs and e-communities in the region - to enhance tourism research, to promote tourism education, to support destinations' marketing, to provide for sustainable tourism development and to stimulate preservation of Black sea environment.

Black Sea tourism resorts and destinations have the potential and super resources to get to the top of travel and tourism statistics, to stage world-famous events, to enhance the quality of Black Sea professional education and training, to preserve life in the Black sea environment.

Black Sea Tourism Education network BSTEN

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